Don’t let vendor relationships jeopardize your business’ reputation. Delivering beyond best-in-class industry standards is what we do, because you’re more than just square footage—you’re our purpose. 

Our world has changed, unprecedented events have forced consumers to transform their shopping routine. Ordering online, curbside pickup, and receiving same-day deliveries have become the norm for most Americans. Now more than ever, each touchpoint between you and your customer poses an opportunity to build or dilute your brand. Juggling the endless demands of trucking, warehousing, and logistics can cause delays, incorrect picks, damaged goods, and ultimately dissatisfied customers. Does it feel like your supply chain is calling plays without a huddle? 

Your customers have grown to expect real-time updates and are comfortable expressing their frustration through social media. Just one disruption in global shipping could cause you to receive hundreds of angry mentions. One capsized pallet of damaged product, and your online reviews are plunging. No matter how much time and resources are allocated to perfecting your product, researching your competitors, and promoting your goods—everything rests on the quality of your customer’s experience. And, that relies on the attention to detail at each link in your supply chain.

To deliver on your customer’s expectations, everyone involved in the distribution process must be a Customer Service Representative. In partnership with our customers, we plan, adapt, execute, adapt again, and measure progress because that’s how a best-in-class 3PL functions. So, when your phone rings, we’ll ensure that it’s for new business and not a customer complaint. We know you’re entrusting us with more than distributing your goods, it’s about strengthening your reputation. 

“A lot of metrics are hard to quantify, but with Wilson Warehouse it’s really that feeling of not having to worry. They run a tight ship and have quality employees who care about what they do and care about their customers.”
Supply Chain Manager, Pod Pack
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