• President (Baton Rouge)
  • Vice President (East Texas)

Part of the third generation, Robert started working in the warehouse at 14, sweeping floors during the summer. After graduating from college, Robert put his engineering degree and can-do attitude to work as our IT manager. Alongside his brother Wilson, he designed and implemented the company’s very own Warehouse Management System (WMS) and barcode scanning operations.

  • President (East Texas)
  • Vice President (Baton Rouge)

Wilson was introduced to the warehousing scene during his teenage years, and then returned to work in the warehouse full-time after graduating from LSU. Since returning to the 3PL industry, he has kept our Texas-based operations running. Like his brother Robert, Wilson continues to uphold the family’s open-door policy and foster a sense of camaraderie throughout the workforce.

A true steward, Michael believes We Got This perfectly describes our ability to exceed our customer’s expectations every time. With more than 30 years of experience, his specialty is identifying creative and comprehensive logistics solutions that help clients succeed.

Michael Huye

Business Development Manager

James is a well-rounded operations manager with more than 30 years of experience in the supply chain industry. He leads with a positive attitude and his head high “always.” Unparalleled customer satisfaction is the name of James’ game. His tip to success? “Always go above and beyond what’s expected to get the job done.”

James Faucheux

Operations Manager

Seth manages our Texas operations like a pro—all 1M square feet of them. Responsible for training all new TX employees, his leadership positively influences the day-to-days of those around him. When asked about his specialties, he said “there’s too many to count.”

Seth Farris

Operations Manager (Texas)

With one foot firmly entrenched in both warehouse and transportation divisions, Ben coordinates the day-to-day operations to ensure all of our customers’ expectations are met. As part of our third generation, he has over a decade of experience making all things run smoothly.

Ben Smith

Assistant Operations Manager

Sherry’s days consist of directing, administering, and managing all office operations throughout our Texas facilities. Having been with us since 1974, she’s just about seen it all. What’s her advice? “Serve as an example for others in everything you do, both professionally and personally.” Said like a true steward.

Sherry Eckerle

Division Office, Sales & Marketing Manager

Over the years, Melanie has climbed the ranks through her ability to wear many hats. For over a decade, she has held the dual title of Assistant Operations Manager–Support and ISO Facilitator. She’s a student of ISO regulations, CIS software, and Alliance Safety Council training; frequently attending conferences and classes to stay sharp.

Melanie Speaks

Assistant Operations Manager—Support, ISO Facilitator

LA oversees our most critical priority—the safety of our employees, our customers, and our products—while also supervising the upkeep of our buildings and equipment. With more than 20 years of experience in distribution, management, training, and inventory control, LA upholds our culture of safety through every facet of his role.

Lauthaught "LA" Delaney, Jr.

Safety Facilities and Equipment Manager

Warehousing is in Noah’s blood. He’s a 4th generation warehouseman, who started his career during summer breaks as a teenager. While his business card reads “Marketing Manager,” he wears many hats. Noah also provides IT support and leads the company’s “lean initiative” to streamline operations and efficiencies.

Noah Baldridge

Marketing Manager

Colin continues to build on Wilson Warehouse’s history of excellent customer service. His charge is to implement new ideas that not only help them run a more successful business but also to become more sustainable, using resources wisely and preparing the next generation of leadership for their role in the future.

Colin Baldridge

Productivity Manager

Taylor manages the IT and Administrative Services functions for our Wilson Warehouse family of brands. As a 4th generation warehouseman, he can handle your logistics tech needs with a quick Command + Shift +… something…? You’ll have to ask him yourself.

Taylor Baldridge

IT Manager, Administrative Services

Passionate about putting our people first, Linda puts the human in HR. Coming in with more than 30 years of HR experience, Linda has created our HR department entirely from scratch. With strong policies in place, she continues to recruit dedicated workers to assemble a great team steering our success.

Linda Mundinger

Human Resources Manager