Success at Supply Chain BR 2022

Reigniting Business Growth in the Capital Region.

We connected, we asked questions, we learned, and we rallied together to reignite business growth in the Capital Region. 

Supply Chain BR 2022 focused on: 

  • Optimizing Your Workforce for Change: Industry leaders shared helpful resources in managing your ever-changing workforce and offered strategies to communicate the values of these efforts to your leadership team.
  • Making Controlling Costs a Team Sport: Panelists discussed how to work toward overcoming labor shortages and associated costs in new and creative ways. Learn how to connect operations, accounting, and leadership teams to gain control.
  • Forming New Partnerships To Re-energize Growth: Our experts highlighted the importance of working with the right partners and suggested best practices to use in evaluating key business relationships.
  • Making the Case (Study) for Third-Party Logistics: During our first case study presentation we considered how to maximize the efficiency of people, products, and processes through innovation. In our second case study presentation, we uncovered the importance of automation in supply chain operations and discussed the need to adapt to the ever-changing demands of our industry.

As a co-founding sponsor, we are proud of how successful the second annual Supply Chain BR event was at bringing together local industry leaders. 

“You can feel the energy. The Baton Rouge area is prepared to take off. We have the people, we have the products, and our markets are global,” Robert Baldridge, President of Wilson Warehouse and SCBR Co-Founding Sponsor. 

The conversations that were had and the connections that were made will serve as the catalyst for business growth in the Baton Rouge supply chain industry this year. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us and made the event so impactful. 

All SCBR2022 sessions and case studies are now available online.
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