Supply Chain RAW: Relevant, Authentic, and Well-Timed.

A bimonthly webinar series with the real conversations needed to build the Capital Regions’ resilient supply chain.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are shifting our inaugural Supply Chain BR (SCBR) event to next year. In the meantime, to meet the demand for timely discussions around the supply chain disruptions we’re all experiencing, we are launching Supply Chain BR | RAW—a bimonthly webinar series and prelude to our rescheduled fall SCBR2021 conference.

In this webinar series, you’ll hear from dedicated leaders in warehousing, logistics, transportation, HR, finance, and more who are on the frontlines of navigating supply chain progress and problem-solving for their companies (and customers). Speakers will take live questions from attendees throughout the webinar to facilitate candid discussion. For more information about each scheduled webinar and registration details, check out the details below:

  • (December 10, 2020) The Next Crisis You Will Face: Inventory Storage
    • Economists project an increase in demand for warehousing real estate by as much as 400 million square feet by 2022 – largely caused by the aftershocks of COVID-19 and the anticipated boom in manufacturing onshoring. Does your company have strategic outsourcing relationships and flexible contingency plans in place now for your inventory management strategy? Tune in to learn more about what’s on the horizon and how to be sure your business and your customers are ready.
    • Speakers include International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) and Wilson Warehouse.
  • (February 4, 2021) Now What? Transporting Your Goods from Storage to Customer
    • The projected increase in demand for warehousing real estate, coupled with global market changes, will have a direct impact on your delivery model. During this topical discussion, we’ll share timely information about the pandemic’s influence on buying behavior, its effect on our industry, and other trends for you to capitalize on and strengthen your bottom-line operations.
    • Speakers include ROAR Logistics, IWLA, Triple G Express, and Sabine Transportation.
  • (May 13, 2021) Let’s Talk Labor – The Race to Recruit a Skilled Logistics Force
    • Economists’ projected increase in consumer demand, as well as the need for local warehousing real estate, will result in a post-pandemic shift to onshoring manufacturing operations. Do you have a qualified, reliable workforce that is able to meet this growing demand? Join us to discuss the different hiring models (temp, contract, full-time) and the advantages of each to optimize your growth. We’ll also discuss how you can capitalize on your existing labor force to seize upcoming opportunities, as well as strategies to differentiate yourself as an employer to new hires. 
    • Speakers include Ammon Staffing, Gallagher Benefit Services, Sabine Transportation, and IWLA.
  • (August 26, 2021) Unleashing Business Growth—Discover Hidden Opportunities Within Your Supply Chain
    • Outsourcing to third-party logistics (3PL) partners mitigates risk, lowers unnecessary costs, and empowers business leaders to repurpose their investments into a financial strategy that is aligned with their growth goals. Are your financial and supply chain strategies positioned to maximize your business potential? Join us on your lunch break to learn about financing options (e.g., SBA loan, sale-leaseback) to maximize your growth, capitalizing on inevitable change (e.g., team, finances, boards), and factors to consider when evaluating available financing opportunities.
    • Speakers include Regions Bank, (IWLA) and Wilson Warehouse.

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[Update] You can watch all of the session videos on YouTube.* 

*Unfortunately Now What? Transporting Your Goods from Storage to Customer was not captured due to technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.