Success at Inaugural Supply Chain BR Event

Unleash your business growth.

On October 21, 2021, business leaders of the Capital Region joined together for the first time as an industry and community to attend Supply Chain BR 2021 (SCBR2021). In light of ongoing supply chain disruptions, this event aimed to strengthen local partnerships and connect growth-minded business leaders to the supply chain resources and expertise available to fuel regional growth.

Alongside our nonprofit partner, International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA), Wilson Warehouse co-founded Supply Chain BR 2021 (SCBR2021) to address how to overcome supply chain disruptions, create meaningful relationships, and ultimately fuel growth in the Capital Region.

SCBR2021 attracted almost 100 attendees to engage in four thought-provoking sessions and multiple networking opportunities. These sessions — led by experts in warehousing, transportation, logistics, and finance — opened up the floor to attendees who asked essential questions that discovered untapped bottom-line gains hidden in their company’s operations.

“I came for the networking opportunities seeing as I am external to the industry,” said Gina Martiny, Software Apprentice with Clean Coders. “Not only did I make many valuable connections, but the expert sessions were fascinating and I’m leaving with an inspiring new education. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

“This was a critical opportunity to bring the supply chain suppliers and supply chain users together in order to make the users more successful in their endeavors, especially here in Baton Rouge,” said Robert Baldridge, SCBR2021 co-founding sponsor and president of Wilson Warehouse. “There are a lot of start-up companies wasting valuable resources, distracted by managing the endless demands of supply chain operations. SCBR2021 was created to raise awareness of the expertise available to local small to midsized manufacturers and distributors so they can stay focused on their core objective of growing a business.”

We would like to thank all of the attendees for supporting the event and a special shout out to the business leaders whose valuable questions sparked even greater conversations. We look forward to continuing to foster knowledge sharing and networking as we strengthen regional growth and support our small to midsize manufacturers and distributors together!