Engaging in the conversation
Wilson Warehouse Hosts Geaux Engage Event

Wilson Warehouse is proud to be an active member of the supply chain professional community in Baton Rouge. We believe that it’s critical to connect with business leaders in the Capital Region in order to support, learn from, and celebrate one another. By partnering with other like-minded leaders, we’re able to pool our resources and expertise to better support the supply chain industry and our community. 

In the spirit of knowledge sharing, we opened our doors to host Geaux Engage for their April meeting. During this time, Geaux Engage facilitated a number of networking exercises with Referral Networking Principle cards—a tool designed to demonstrate the powerful impact “who you know” can have on your business efforts.We look forward to supporting Geaux Engage as the organization works to elevate regional business relations and strengthen our community of professionals in the Capital Region.

Wilson Warehouse is an official sponsor of Geaux Engage events.

[About Geaux Engage] Geaux Engage networks to move projects forward. Leveraging the power of referral networks to overcome supply chain challenges of people and material. Face-to-face meetings build business relationships that grow in value to fill in the gaps of skilled labor and supply chain issues. The goal is to grow referral partners that help you grow your business. To learn more about what Geaux Engage is all about and how to get involved, visit their website.