Baton Rouge Green Sponsorship

As Stewards of Goods and Community, we’re proud to support local initiatives working to make our neighborhoods a better place. One close to our heart (and our facilities) is Baton Rouge Green. This local nonprofit organization was founded in 1987 and relies on volunteers to give back during their free time. 

Baton Rouge was recently struck by ice storms that damaged a number of trees. Our donation addressed the maintenance of these trees alongside the planting of new ones. Some of these new trees were planted in our sponsored plot, located only a few blocks away from headquarters, which brightens up the commute of our staff and others along the I-10.

As a living roadways sponsor, our donation produced the means necessary to plant and maintain trees along the I-10 which brightens up the commute for our staff and others.

To learn more about this organization and how you can get involved, visit their website.